Ability Professional Network, Draft Prep for college seniors

What is Draft Prep?

We started Draft Prep because most college kids only really see athletes getting ready for their job.

Whether it’s running the 40 yard dash at the combine, or answering GM questions about their past, all of that concludes with the DRAFT.

For athletes going pro, the earlier they’re picked, the more money they make. Likewise, most higher-paying entry jobs get filled before typical April/May graduation dates.

How can Draft Prep help?

Our role is to help you move up the draft board. You will move from a 3-star no one has head of, to a 5-star everyone is fighting for.

All you have to do is complete two activities each week…whenever you wish…around your schedule.

It’s not what, but WHO you know.

We’ve all had the friend that got into the school or job they didn’t earn because someone with connections pulled some strings.

Do you know the right people?

We do. We have found over 4,000 people new jobs.

Why does this matter to you?

Instead of your cold resume appearing on a hiring manager’s desk through Indeed or Monster based on a keyword search, it goes to the top of the list from a trusted source.

How does Draft Prep work?

Draft Prep is an 8 week program designed to give you every advantage possible as you start your career, with group meetings and lots of individual assistance and help.

We’ll help you:

  • Narrow down your career goals
  • Craft a targeted, professional resume
  • Build your own network of connections and mentors
  • Put your best foot forward publicly
  • Prepare for every aspect of interviewing
  • Know what to expect when the paychecks start coming in

Start your professional career the right way!